Kahil Ranch
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Welcome to Kahil Ranch

Welcome to the Kahil Ranch, a game fenced tract that has been intensively managed for whitetail deer since 1997. It is located in Bell and Burnet counties, approximately 1 hour north of Austin. The ranch has a wide diversity of terrain typical of the Texas Hill Country with rolling hills, a live creek lined with pecan trees and open rangeland. The deer are anything but typical hill country deer. The game fence has allowed effective population management. We have established a 2:1 Buck:Doe ratio, which allows bucks to reach the old age needed to reach trophy potential. Genetic potential has been enhanced through a nutritional program utilizing year-round food plots, supplemental high protein feeding, and strategic worming through treated feeds. Body and antler size has increased each year; deer scoring 130-180 inches in antler size and dressed body weights of 130-170 pounds are common. Management hunts are designed to remove genetically inferior bucks from the herd prior to the rut, which typically begins around November 7th. Trophy hunts can be timed at almost any time during the season. The exact number of hunts available is dependent upon the final census, which should be completed in early September. These hunts are ideal for the busy individual who desires to see a large number of quality deer in a short period of time. Hunts are guided one-on-one from a variety of blinds, which have been setup to maximize bow-hunting opportunities. You can expect to see 10-15 deer during a typical morning or evening hunt. An increasing number of turkeys are present on the property and may be taken if the opportunity presents itself. The ranch is in the Managed Lands Deer Permit (MLDP) Program which allows increased hunting options. We are also a proud member of the Safari Club International (SCI). This helps fund our fight to protect the freedom to hunt while promoting wildlife conservation world-wide.